Dr. Shay Bahramirad

Secure and Resilient Smart Grids


The smart grid represents a key resource in enhancing societal security resilience in the face of climate change. Smart grid devices, including grid automation, advanced sensors, and smart inverters, operated by advanced grid controllers, make it possible for communities to continue receiving electricity even in the midst of disruptive events.

Those same technologies are also what is needed to integrate the clean energy technologies, from solar PV to wind turbines to electric vehicles, which make it possible to mitigate the effects of climate change. This talk will discuss some of the significant projects being deployed by electric utilities and grid operators across the globe, and how innovative technologies are allowing for higher levels of service.

By looking at the effort to transform the electric grid in Puerto Rico, it will explore the need to rigorously evaluate local needs to allow electric grids to meet the particular needs of the communities they serve. It will consider the role of partnerships across industry, academia, and government, to develop and deploy the technologies in a way that maximizes their impact

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