Prof. Igor Kuzle

Operational Risks and Fast Frequency Control in Future Low-Inertia Power Systems


Environmental concerns are leading to the proliferation of inverter-coupled renewable energy systems (RES), which are rapidly replacing conventional fossil fuel power plants. This has significant implications for the inertia of the power system, since RES does not normally exhibit rotational inertia.

However, the inertia of the system has become more variable over time and is highly dependent on the current power generation mix. At the same time, the increasing variability of demand due to new loads such as electric vehicles and electric heaters reduces the overall predictability of demand.

Most of these loads are also connected through an inverter. As a result of the high penetration of power electronics connected generation and loads, the nature of the dynamics of modern electric power systems has changed, and their operation has become a challenge that requires new approaches to monitoring and control.

The presentation aims to develop new approaches for monitoring and controlling the operational risks of future low-inertia power systems, focusing on the inertial frequency response and fast frequency control, as well as a number of possible technologies and solutions that can be used to improve the frequency response of the system after disturbances.

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